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Mining Machinery Industry Applications

Rolling mortar wall is a typical hard-to-process part in mining machinery. Most of them are made of [..]

Automobile Industry

For a long time, the gray cast iron engine block mostly chooses imported face milling cutter [..]

Metallurgical Roller Machining

The metallurgical rolls mostly chooses high-nickel-chromium hard cast iron, alloy steel, cast high- [..]


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We have been supplying superhard products to various customers in different countries, like PCBN, CVD and brazed diamond tools.


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UHD Tools

PCD Polycrystalline Diamond

ADVANTAGES 1. the surface with very high finish,high hardness and good wear resistance 2. with a small amount of silicon, titanium and other binders,consistent quality 3. important tool to product stainless steel wire and cable, especially fine wire and microfilament 4. Polycrystalline has the characteristics of isotropic, avoid die hole is uneven wear 5. 250 times harder than the tungsten […]

Supported PCD Blank

Supported Polycrystalline Diamond Blanks Introduction The appearance of synthetic diamond polycrystalline wire drawing die develops a new way for the manufacture of diamond wire drawing die. In 1978, China first developed a wire drawing die made of synthetic diamond material. Through the continuous exploration and summary in recent years, there has been a new development […]

Diamond Cutter Tools

APPLICATION 1.Process of ceramic, carbide, tungsten and other highly  abrasive materials and parts 2.Process of high silicon aluminum alloy, wood, glass, ceramic, other abrasive materials and parts. 3.Process of silicon aluminum alloy, plexiglass, ceramic and non-ferrous metals. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ADVANTAGES 1.With feature of high working efficiency, smooth surface 2.Advanced technics and strict process control,Excellent service […]

PCD Cutters

ADVANTAGES 1.good self-sharpening, can effectively eat into the rock under a small contact pressure 2.Good tensile and shear resistance, low residual stress,cutting edge remains sharp 3.Good impact fracture toughness and temperature resistance 4.good impact toughness and higher wear resistance, the wear match the diamond cutting edge 5.The diamond volume is large enough to increase the […]

Cast Iron Process

Cast Iron Process PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Grades CBN Content Machining Mode Workpiece Material Application UBN X2 85% Interrupted Continuous Cast iron/Hardened steel semi-finish/finish Automobile brake disc, engine cylinder block, cylinder liner, gear, bear and etc. UBN X3 92% Interrupted Continuous Cast iron Automobile brake disc, engine cylinder block, cylinder liner, gear, bear and etc. UBN X5 […]

Ductile Iron Process

Ductile Iron Process PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Grades CBN Content Machining Mode Workpiece Material Application UDI Q Special ingredients Continuous Bane of ductile cast iron Be mainly applied in components such as bent axle, camshaft, cylinder liner and engine crankcase for automobile, tractors, heavy duty machinery, internal combustion engine and etc, medium-pressure valve for general machinery which are […]